hi, i am vidya!

may 2024 notes ✧˚ ༘ ⋆。 ˚

currently tying up loose ends of various things, exploring dirt paths and sidewalks ⋆𐙚₊˚⊹♡

super excited for comix gauntlet!!!

some fungi i've seen 𖡼𖤣𖥧𖡼𓋼𖤣𖥧𓋼𓍊 make a trail mosaic! 𓆈

(also i am still in the process of sketching postcards for href.place, i am sorry about the delay)

My work aims to be open-ended and focused on observations of my surroundings and I often play and design with various forms of technology and art. I often learn through the process of creating art and also create art through the process of learning.

I aim to experiment with the fragments and pieces of the offline and online worlds that have influenced me. By creating, I hope to spark + explore connections between people and environment and reimagine forms of tradition and community. email me if there's anything you want to share or work on together!


VIDYA GIRI is an artist, designer, and engineer from Houston, TX. Her art is reflective of her background: balanced between cultures, environments, and disciplines. Her work has spanned between online spaces, printed media, projection, and painting on physical and digital canvases. Her (current) explorations revolve around collecting from one's surroundings as a form of reflection and the parallels between natural and human-made identities and the environments they encompass.

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Comix Gauntlet 2024, Alabama Song, Houston, TX ... 7 artists, 7-pages, 7 hours [to be rescheduled due to storm]


Tallgrass Artist Residency, Matfield Green, KS

Welcome To My Homepage Residency, The Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX


Taper #12: Tools, published by Bad Quarto ... make a flipbook, checkout some small tools/poems!

Issue No. 23, Digital America

Ripple Effect, Sunset Coffee Building on Buffalo Bayou, Houston, TX

Mapping Perspectives, Throughline Collective, Houston, TX

DETHRONE, Gray Area, San Francisco, CA

Winter Art Show, Sour Cherry Comics, San Francisco, CA


63 & 93: Generations in Conversation, Patterson-Appleton Arts Center, Denton, TX

nonplace.site, The Wrong Biennale

Algorithmic Pattern Salon, Then Try This

Tallgrass Residency Fall Gathering, School for Rural Culture and Creativity, Matfield Green, KS

Dirty Signs, Governors Island, New York City, NY

BACKSIDE, Insomnia Gallery, Houston, TX

The Next Evolution, Chimaera Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Worldbuilding towards… Showcase, Vector Festival 2023, InterAccess Gallery, Toronto, Canada


mediating, Unrequited Leisure Gallery, Nashville, TN

Resilient Generations, Solidarity Street Gallery, St. Paul, MN

As I Recall, Public Access Memories Gallery

re:present, New Media Artspace, New York City, NY

Issue No. 19, Digital America, Richmond, VA


Sculpted in Our Image, Forged in Our Minds#, InterAccess, Toronto, CA

Diasporic Rhizome, South Asia Institute, Chicago, IL


Fifth Annual Tiny Show, Texas Art Asylum, Houston, TX


Extremely Shorts Film Festival 2018 (23rd Annual), Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX

Moonfruit, Moody Center for the Arts, Houston, TX

KTRU Outdoor Show 2018*, Rice Memorial Center, Houston, TX

2018 North Texas Digital Fabrication Symposium & Exhibition, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX


Doodlebots*, Children’s Museum Houston, Houston, TX

KTRU Outdoor Show 2017*, Rice University, Houston, TX

Making Alongside Coral Reefs^, Solar Studios, Houston, TX

30th Annual Houston Art Car Parade*, Houston, TX


Moody Pop-Up Part II: Graffiti, Paint & Film*, Solar Studios, Houston, TX (December 2016)

# design/development of exhibition with InterAccess

* with Rice Art + Engineering

^ with Elaine Shen


Zine Fest Houston 2023, Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, Houston, TX

TXST Zine Fest 2023, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

Lone Star Zine Fest 2022, Far Out Lounge, Austin, TX

Zine Fest Houston 2022, Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, Houston, TX